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Finally, an easy way to buy a car in St. Louis!

Statistically, the average number of St. Louisans driving to work exceeds the national average.

We at St. Louis Auto Approval Center understand how cars are a primary need for every St. Louisan.

That’s why we’re here to make a car purchase possible, especially to those with low income and bad credit. 

Are you worried about your credit?
Don’t be! St. Louis Auto Approval Center accepts GOOD CREDIT, NO CREDIT, BAD CREDIT and credit histories tainted with BANKRUPTCY and REPOSSESSION records. Whatever type of credit you have, we will process your application.

Do you hate waiting?
Us too! We know how important time is for St. Louisans so we make sure you won’t wait too long for a decision. The entire application process takes only minutes to complete. Plus, you’ll hear from us shortly after you file your application. APPLY NOW!

Is this your first time to buy a car?
Don’t worry! If this is your first time to take out an auto loan, check out the informative articles in this website as well as the FAQs to learn the drill. You can also CONTACT US for any query or concern. We also suggest doing your homework before accepting an offer.

Are you looking at a certain car?
Tell us about it! Here at St. Louis Auto Approval Center, you can choose the car you want and WE’LL FINANCE IT. 

It is our delight to help people own a car, especially in time of need. We’re excited to work with you!


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